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Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning is a free adventure game that is set inside of a schoolhouse. The cross-platform title is compatible with Android, Apple iOS, Mac, Linux, and Microsoft Windows devices. The program was developed by Micah McGonigal and Basically Games. While the survival title hit the market in 2018, the graphics make the game appear to be from when the internet first came online.



Is Baldi’s Basics educational?

Like many other video games, Baldi’s Basics stimulates critical thinking skills by challenging users to maneuver through gameplay with stealth to avoid enemies. Baldi’s Basics has an additional educational aspect integrated into the gameplay; there are math problems for players to solve when they collect each of the seven notebooks. Upon reaching a notebook, a page with three questions appears.

The first two math equations are simple, and the final question is purposely impossible. The third proposed problem is alright to answer incorrectly because the numbers within the prompt are illegible. While getting the final equation incorrect is inevitable, the wrong answer is still going to upset Baldi.

You'll want to do your best to answer the first and second questions correctly. When the community members answer any of the questions wrong, teacher Baldi gets angry. When Baldi is mad, then the players are in danger. The math prompts are addition and subtraction equations. The sums and quotients can be either negative or positive.

Is Baldi’s Basics for kids?

The educational value that children receive for engaging with this game is not worth the potential harm that the frightening scenes could imprint within them. For the entirety of the game, the gamers are avoiding and running away from the teacher, principal, classmates, etc. This can lead people into an anxious state while playing the game. Experienced gamers have referred to the game’s difficulty level as high.

When community members are caught by Baldi, the teacher terrifyingly pops up to the front of the screen with thrilling audio elements to accompany the sudden surprise. While there is not any physical violence in the game, the teacher systematically whacks a ruler in his hand to make a rhythmically eerie sound, as if to hit the character.

Is Baldi’s Basics a real game?

The classic edition of Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning is a real full game. Since the creation of the original game, new metagames have been made through Meta Game Jam that incorporates the elements of Baldi’s Basics. The metagame versions are not created by the official developers and are often made as a parody.

What is the point of Baldi’s Basics?

People that play Baldi’s Basics navigate through a school as a student to collect seven notebooks and escape. The weird aspect of the game is that the players are being chased by Baldi the teacher, the principal, and peers: a girl with a jumping rope known as Playtime.

The treasured notebooks are located inside of the classrooms. You'll have to beware that Baldi can follow the students into the rooms. Throughout the hallways and inside the rooms are additional items that can be picked up to use as tools: an energy bar, lock, quarter, scissors, etc. Each object has a different purpose that helps the character to progress and win.

In the lower-left corner of the user interface is the energy level. Throughout the game, the percentage of energy decreases and increases. The players are notified when their vitality level becomes dangerous to their health. The edible energy bar provides the advantage of sprinting ahead through the hallways when energy levels are low. The lock can prevent people from entering doors for an allotted amount of time.

The quarter can purchase sodas in the vending machine in the cafeteria. These cans can be thrown at Baldi to inhibit him. One of the most prevalent distractions is Playtime; use the scissors to cut her jump rope in time-sensitive situations. The collected items can be viewed in the upper right corner of the UI. You are only allowed to have three tool options at once.

Another important person to avoid is the principal. When you cross paths with the principal, he puts you into detention. While moving through the corridors, you'll want to be aware of any approaching people and dodge their attention by going in the other direction.

How do you beat Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning?

A multitude of people on YouTube have documented the fun feat of winning the survival title. Download Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning and check into the channels on YouTube that tell viewers their tips on how to beat the game. Since the difficulty level is high, their step-by-step guide does not guarantee success. You only reach freedom from the treacherous teacher through practice.

Upon collecting the seventh notebook, a harmless sock will appear. Immediately after the sock monster, the gamers and Baldi will be in the same vicinity. To escape Baldi’s close proximity, players have to pass all of the exit signs to reach the safety of the final doorway.

Alternative apps

Bendy, Granny, Mario, Slenderman, and Sonic are not necessarily edutainment games. These titles are comparable to Baldi’s Basics because of their basic graphics: Mario and Sonic. The titles Bendy, Granny, and Slenderman are similar to Baldi’s Basics because they are all horror games.



Progress through the school

Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning integrates math knowledge into a survival game. The graphics and gameplay are very basic. If people successfully navigate through the school and collect seven notebooks, then they win. Along the way, they encounter menacing friends, intimidating principals, and threatening teachers that prevent freedom.

What’s new?

You can visit the official website to contact the developers and read the privacy policy, rights, terms and conditions, etc. Also, you'll want to make sure that the game is the official title before playing to avoid accidentally engaging in metagame versions of Baldi’s Basics.



  • Safe
  • Retro style
  • Cross-platform
  • Interactive questions
  • Large fandom community
  • A multitude of assistive tutorials


  • Can be slow

Also available in other platforms

Program available in other languages

Baldis Basics in Education and Learning for PC

  • Free

  • In English
  • V 1.4.3
  • 4.4

  • Security Status

User reviews about Baldis Basics in Education and Learning

  • S-A-L-T B-O-I

    by S-A-L-T B-O-I

    iz gud mang ul neva have a beta thang bro iz like succubus and i lub it

  • InfinitySnake8

    by InfinitySnake8

    this game is fun when you start and get the answer right you get a coin and you can use it to get bsoda i enjoy this game!

  • Jacob Hazard

    by Jacob Hazard

    Baldi is so cool

  • Jacob Hazard

    by Jacob Hazard

    I love Baldi very much and more

  • Morgraf

    by Morgraf

    I love it. Its the game that I enjoy playing. I might get scared but I like it. And I recommend it if you like games with jumpscares.

  • Jeriah Stoner

    by Jeriah Stoner

    in general, this game is math! though a horror game to! who would of thought ...


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